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Rare World War 1 Books

Posted On Jun 26, 2019 | Aviation,Espionage,Military Biography,Military General,Naval,Special Forces and Airborne,The Boer Wars 1880-1902,The Great War 1914-1918,Vietnam,World War 2 1939 - 1945 | No Comments

Welcome to list #220, July 2019. As the dead of winter approaches here in Perth we wait the impending arrival of our Canadian family, Toby, Meg, Cormac and Brigid. Winter here will be a doddle for them as they are used to Canadian severe winters. But… their houses are all centrally heated whereas we just put on a house coat and a knee rug if required. Getting a great drop of rain here in Perth where we can go 6 months without even a drizzle.

Anyway to books. This list contains many gems and many I’ve never listed before. It is such a thrill to find them when they pop up and getting them at a good price is always pleasing. There’s a new Kiwi SAS book in the ‘Special Forces’ section called ‘SHOOTING FROM THE SHADOWS’ – it concerns 4Tp NZSAS in Vietnam with 2 and 3 Sqns SASR (my old unit). And there I am, in the text on a bridge demolition patrol. I hadn’t thought much about that patrol over the years but seeing it in this book brought the memories flooding back. Been 50 years since we were there ‘duckin n’ divin’ as it were. One of the stalwarts of that Tour died here last week, Tony Haley, BEM. He was a much feared RSM when I arrived in ‘67, took a commission and went to Vietnam as the Ops Offr. Lovely man. RIP Tony. And we again dedicate this list to those above ground but aren’t travelling too well. Heads up boys, we are here for you.  Via con Dios   Cheers   Mick & Jo