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New Imprimatur Books Catalogue #266

Posted On Aug 02, 2023 | Military Biography,Military General,Special Forces and Airborne,The Great War 1914-1918,Vietnam,World War 2 1939 - 1945 | No Comments

  Welcome to Catalogue 266, in the winter of 2023. We’ve had a cold and wet one this winter with sunny and bright days ahead. We’ve had none of the dramas of the east coast, no floods of fires but all the rain we’ve had here would regenerate our forests and grasslands, setting us up for a big fire summer.    
We sit in thrall watching our sporting teams around the world. It’s hard to tell why we have such dominant swimmers, test cricketers, women’s soccer players, rugby leaguers, sailors, the list goes on. Not bad for a country of only 25 million people. The blitz put on by our swimmers was a joy to behold. Lets hope they can carry it through to the Paris Olympics.    
On a more sombre note. We witnessed the loss of four servicemen in a Taipan chopper crash on Ex Talisman Sabre. A tragedy of course but a parallel tragedy is the question, ‘why are these planes still flying?’ Our Defence procurement numpties have outdone themselves when they chose this untried chopper from the Europeans instead of sticking with the formidable Blackhawk. We waste so much money on buying substandard military equipment evidenced by the Steyr rifle, the new LR replacement which has no room for a spare wheel and the French submarine debacle—what were they thinking? The list goes on. Surely Defence needs to mount an all encompassing review on the procurement process which seems to be particularly out of whack. We’d better get our act together if we hope to get US nuclear submarines because this is technology we know little about.    
And so to books. There are many good titles among this list, many are being relisted as I know there are buyers out there who see a book they really want but circumstances foil them. They see it listed again and voila! This list is dedicated to the lost members of 6 Aviation Regt. May they be recovered and their families find peace and eventual closure. We also think back to the Blackhawk disaster with sadness. Rest in Peace.    
Vaya con Dios    
Mick & Jo