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Military Books Catalogue #254

Posted On Jul 07, 2022 | Aviation,The Great War 1914-1918,Vietnam,World War 2 1939 - 1945 | No Comments

Welcome to Catalogue 254, July 2022. We are still in the Noongar season ‘Makuru’, which is the coldest and wettest season in the south west of WA. We had a nice drenching here a day or two back but nothing to compare with the deluge assailing the East Coast. We’ve been bleating about drought in this country since settlement but have done little to maximise the catchments when it does rain. It’s a crying shame that certain nay-sayers have such a loud voice on all of our media outlets only to be proven wrong at times like this. I suppose the one big drawback with living in a democracy is that everyone can voice their opinions, and the loudest and most aggressive of them tend to win the day.  June has been a seriously dry month here in the West and all we can do is hope that July/August can bring some steady rain.  
I know I don’t live in Lismore or those parts but I love heavy rain and will stand out in it. In Vietnam in the wet season, the monsoonal downpour around 5pm daily was always most welcome. When in camp, we would stand out in it , starkers with a cake of soap. In the bush it was a different matter needless to say. We tended to move during these downpours due to the silence of the leaves etc underfoot. The VC used to sit down under a tree wrapped in a poncho or piece of plastic so we were ever careful that we didn’t tread on one.  Long time ago now.  

This list is again dedicated to those gallant soldiers who gave their all and the many who failed to return to their families and those who are suffering in silence from their service.   Whatever we’re going through here in Australia, It’s nothing compare to the tribulations of the people of Ukraine who have been tortured by the constant shelling of the war criminals over their eastern border. Not sure what the world can do about stopping this war given the emphasis of the ’leader’ to nuclear weapons. We live in hope that one of his own steps up and finishes it.       

Vaya con Dios                                                          Mick & Jo