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Lockdown List #233

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Welcome to Catalogue #233, August 2020. The dead of winter here in lovely Perth is quite mild in comparison to the places our kids live—Tasmania and Canada! We had intended to be in Canada for Christmas with the grandies but the lock-down has thwarted our plans. In the past our Canadian trip also meant we could slip down to the States and catch a few shows on Broadway and the odd base-ball game. But…it is what it is and nothing can be done. As for Tassie, it’s also pretty difficult to get to. It means a 14 day quarantine at both ends and that’s not for me. I’m happy for the virus to run its course before I go anywhere. It’s hard to imagine the stupidity of certain people especially in Victoria. Surely a red flag would have gone up when these people ignored the health advice and carried on regardless. And I feel for old people in nursing homes who are being treated quite shabbily in some cases. The WA Government has done a remarkable job in keeping the border clammed shut. I know it’s not good for the tourist industry but it keeps us safe and West Aussies are dusting off the caravans and heading out to WA destinations. And what if this virus escapes into our indigenous communities? Chaos would then surely ensue. So keep up the good work Mark McGowan.

The good thing about being locked-down is that book sales have blossomed remarkably. Buying books on line has never been better. Long may it last (book selling not the virus!!). Many people have predicted the demise of books due to the internet etc but I don’t see that.  This catalogue goes out to a lot of enthusiastic book buyers and my prices are generally lower than many walk-in bookshops (although less out there now— mores the pity). In Perth we are very limited in actual second-hand book shops. The ones that remain trading are great—I try and visit them weekly (when I’m not confined to barracks). There is no shortage of millennials doing their bit by opening book shops of their own. It’s the best fun! And the ideal business to set up for your old age. We’ve been going 30 years now and it’s all good. Finding good stock is still a challenge but they’re out there if one has the patience to look.

As usual this catalogue is dedicated to veterans who aren’t travelling well and the current service and front line health personnel. We are always there for you.

Via con Dios  Mick & Jo