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Imprimatur Books Spring Catalogue #223

Posted On Oct 11, 2019 | Aviation,Military Biography,Military General,Napoleonic,Naval,SIMMO,Special Forces and Airborne,The Great War 1914-1918,Vietnam,World War 2 1939 - 1945 | No Comments

Welcome to Catalogue #223, Spring 2019. Here in Perth the weather is heating up nicely and my controlled stagger around Hyde Park is a joy. We’ve been following the progress of a family of black swans, mum, dad and 5 babies (sadly there were only 4 babies this morning). They produce a clutch every spring and whilst initially very protective of them, they have grown enormously in just a few weeks. When the babies are very young old dad will fly at anyone who gets too close, something many visitors are unaware of. They only go near them once!! I won’t be long before they’re kicked out of home and have to head off to find a lake of their own. Hyde Park, at the end of our street, has it all. Playgrounds for kids, bbq, three coffee vans where I halt for a quick brew and watch the endless stream of beautiful young mums pushing their prams. Also on the weekend there is in an endless stream of  kids on bikes, scooters, skate boards and countless dogs on leashes. A veritable party atmosphere and various wedding parties on Saturdays.  Our Canadian grandies love this park mainly because of the endless supply of ice creams when with good old Grandad…….