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Imprimatur Books Christmas Catalogue #270 – 20% OFF

Posted On Dec 10, 2023 | Special Forces and Airborne,The Great War 1914-1918,Vietnam,World War 2 1939 - 1945 | No Comments

 Here we are at the end of another tumultuous year 2023.    

Welcome to Catalogue #270, December 2023 – the Christmas 20% off catalogue.    

I’m in the process of completing my autobiography titled ‘TWO RANKS ON THE ROAD’ – My 35 Years of Special Forces Service’. We hope to launch it by ANZAC Day 2024—details yet to be finalized. Suffice to say it will be in the style of our SIMMO book in card cover only. IMPRIMATUR BOOKS will again publish it with Jo Malone at the helm. We envisage a price point of around $45 but will confirm that closer to the launch date. (pre-publication orders taken) I started this project in earnest in 2020, hunkered down with the COVID scourge raging outside. (I’d like a quid for every hour I’ve spent chained to my desk!)    

Simultaneously, I am working a biography of the great PETER BADCOE, VC which we hope to also produce later in 2024. Its working title is ‘CRAZY BRAVE’ which aptly describes a fearless man in action. He wore a red beret in battle so his men could see where he was. It didn’t matter to him that the enemy could also see him. The three actions which brought him the VC and eventually death are quite mind boggling. RIP Major Badcoe. I must thank my genius son Dr Toby Malone for his extraordinary editing skills on TWO RANKS and old mate Laurie ‘Truck’ Sams for his research and collection of data on Peter Badcoe. Much indebted.    

It’s been a ‘passing parade’ with quite a few old mates going to their reward. Rest in Peace my friends. I’ll catch you at the RV.    

Vaya con Dios  

Mick and Jo