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Imprimatur Books Catalogue #238 – our first list of the year

Posted On Feb 17, 2021 | American Civil War 1861-1865 | No Comments

Welcome to 2021, Catalogue 238, our first list of the year. Perth has been mild this January but sweltering mid 30s temperatures came at the end of the month and it will get hotter in February. It’s hoped that everyone got through the Festive season unscathed. We had a lovely holiday in beautiful Tasmania with our daughter Georgia and her husband JC. My, what a place Tassie is! We had a hire car which allowed us to travel down to Port Arthur and up to Burnie on the north coast. Was surprised at the amount of Malones who came into Hobart as convicts back in the day. Not sure if or any are in my direct line. Not all 25 would be but the odd one would be. The hell-hole that was Port Arthur probably had their imprint all over it. It was great flying direct from Perth to Hobart and return with a minimum of fuss. COVID has left both WA and Tassie relatively untouched. Loved all the small towns in the north with their convict-built buildings such as Evandale, Deloraine, Ulverstone, Stanley and Penguin. And the beautiful Cradle Mountain national park—great visit. In Hobart, we stayed at the Henry Jones Art Hotel where the restaurant downstairs (Landscapes) is replete with John Glover landscape paintings. Found a few good books at Astrolabe Books (mint 1st ed copy of Tasmania’s War Record 1914-1918—Broinowski—ed) in Hobart and a little shop in Deloraine (mint signed 1st ed copy of Craftsmen of the Australian Army, The Story of RAEME—Barker). The Salamanca Markets were going strong but there were very few books to be had. The bookshops in Launceston were few and far between and nothing of interest was unearthed there. Caught up with a few mates in Hobart and elsewhere. Great to see them.

I’m pretty pleased we’re all still above ground given the craziness we’ve put our selves through. This catalogue lists many new books and books that I haven’t listed for quite awhile also many that have seen the list a few times recently. This COVID thing has quietened everything down but there still seems to be many people ignoring the rules. Cricketers, tennis players, theatre goers, shoppers etc. Here in WA it has been open slather, as if nothing’s happened.. The Brits and Americans are still in strife as is Canada. (our family are safe in Toronto). I can’t believe our cricketers are heading to Sth Africa to play. Besides, the crowds will give it to them over the ball tampering affair last time around. If they return with the South African strain I’ll be very displeased.

Late news: Everything changed today with the first community case in WA since April 2020…so we are in lockdown for 5 days to see how it unfolds. Some numby was found with the Pommy strain of Covid it seems  – a security guard from hotel quarantine!.

As usual this catalogue is dedicated to soldiers on Active Service, just returned or preparing to go and those who are now deceased—we salute you. It’s also dedicated to our first responders in the front line of hospitals, ambos and police.

Via con Dios  Mick & Jo