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Catalogue #239 March 2021

Posted On Mar 01, 2021 | American Civil War 1861-1865 | No Comments

Welcome to Catalogue #239, March 2021. As I plug away at this list, it’s Labour Day weekend in WA. The Hyde Park Fair was in full swing yesterday with kids running everywhere and the trinket stalls were in abundance. Not really my cuppa tea! Had quite a nice beef and cheese burger with chips then wended our way home. We live literally 150 metres from the park and can walk there thankfully.  Plenty of political tents with the State election in 2 weeks, not close to each other but Labor were there in numbers hoping that the election on 13 March will be a ‘lay down misere’. Hopefully, the Libs and Nats will put up a good fight, but, given McGowan has done a pretty good job of it throughout the covid lockdown, he will be favourite to win handsomely in the Lower House. My concern is the Upper House. We should hope that Labor does not win control of both houses as we know how governments of all stripes, behave if there’s no control over their mad spending.

Bit disappointed there were very few books to be had at this year’s fair. There’s normally 3 or 4 tables laden with all sorts of hard back and paperback books. Not this year though. I was hoping to find something special for inclusion in this list to no avail. It can sometimes be the place to pick up books of quality – you never know.  Heavy rain hit us today and is with us for the rest of week which will calm the heat down considerably. Hyde Park lakes can really do with a down pour. The ducks down there are looking a bit frazzled and dry. Whilst the park’s staff do a fine job in keeping the gardens and lawns alive, there’s nothing like a lot of rain to do the job. Not so good for the Fair!

For those who wonder about the repetition of certain books in consecutive catalogues, the answer is simple. Over the 30 years we’ve been operating, many of my buyers who may miss a list can generally pick up the books they’re chasing in subsequent lists. Most of the books we hold are ‘one offs’ but there are many that we have more than one copy. (a selection of books on the website are multiple copies). So it’s generally first in best dressed but I do keep track of books ordered from a catalogue but has been sold.— if I get another one, it gets listed as soon as possible so keep an eye out for re-listings!

Most States have now agreed ANZAC Day marches can go ahead. This is good news but I liked last year’s arrangement so much I’m going to do it again—that is, stand at my front gate at dawn. As usual this list is dedicated  to serving soldiers, airmen and sailors and those who’ve seen the terror of war up close; and to our marvelous first responders; cops, nurses and doctors, hose draggers, ambos and all the other unsung heroes who keep us safe.

Thank you.

Via con Dios  Mick & Jo