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Anzac Day Catalogue

Posted On Apr 02, 2023 | Aviation,Naval,Special Forces and Airborne,The Great War 1914-1918,Vietnam,World War 2 1939 - 1945 | No Comments

This Catalogue (#262) represents and memorializes the fateful month of ANZAC. In April 1915, hundreds of young men were landing in Egypt to do their part against the Germans and Turks They hadn’t heard of this place ‘Gallipoli’ until Churchill and the powers in London decided they would take Turkey out of the war by attacking her southern flank thus distracting the Turks away from the Russians. With typical British arrogance (at the time) they thought it would be a piece of cake and elected to hurl these poor colonials from Australia and New Zealand into the fray. But Ataturk was no mug and had prepared his defences well all the way down the peninsular. Our gallant diggers landed in the early hours of 25 April to a withering hail of gunfire from well dug in Turks. Gaining a foothold was not easy but they did it and struggled on for 8 months before they withdrew. Most nations celebrate victories but not us antipodeans. We’ve turned an ignominious defeat into a great victory—for perseverance, honour, gallantry and mateship. It’s now 108 years since that fateful landing and we continue to honour their efforts and march down the streets of cities and towns all over Australia and NZ on 25 April.

Me? I don’t march these days, but I have fond memories of marching with my father (NX5714 E. Malone, 2/13th Bn AIF) and his mates; and of my kids marching with me since the 80s. Long may ANZAC Day continue. We will remember the fallen of all the wars we’ve been embroiled in.

This list is again limited to 6 categories of which WW2 is the biggest (we have a lot of WW2 period books!). There are some gems listed herein and many we haven’t had the privilege of listing before. As usual, most of them are ‘one offs’ and I expect they won’t be here for very much longer. This list is also dedicated to all who have served this country, and politics aside, may they continue to do so. We remember all the fallen and those who aren’t traveling well.

Vaya con Dios

Mick and Jo