American Civil War 1861-1865

One of the most destructive Civil Wars in world history – brother against brother, uncle against nephew. Many thousands killed in action and died of disease (600,000). It may have stopped slavery but the South remains very resentful to this day. Good titles in stock.

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Rare finds in Catalogue 201

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Welcome to Catalogue 201, May 2017. Celebrated my 70th birthday last month, a monumental affair, surrounded by a few close friends, family and fellow lovers of fine red wine. Anyway, that’s now come and gone and all I can do is rejoice each morning when I realise I’m still on the mortal coil. Today is Mother’s Day and seeing my poor old Mum i...

Catalogue 194

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Catalogue 194 comes to you from the dead of winter here in chilly Perth where it was down to 1 degree this morning. And we’ve had lots of good, soaking rain with a lot more to come over the next week or so. Not bad for the driest capital city in Australia! A bit more rain may see the dams and aquifers topped up in prep for a following savagely ho...