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Remembrance Day Catalogue 197

Posted On Nov 13, 2016 | Aviation,Espionage,Military Biography,Military General,Modern Firsts,Napoleonic,Naval,Poetry,SIMMO,Special Forces and Airborne,The Great War 1914-1918,Vietnam,World War 2 1939 - 1945 | No Comments

Catalogue 197 – This Remembrance Day saw the annual sadness in remembering our gallant war dead. The show on the history channel was most poignant in the retelling of the Battle for Kokoda and the destruction of the Japanese Army. Not only told the harrowing story of our wonderful barely-trained chockos in the 39th Bn and 3rd Militia Bn, the heroics of the 2/16 Bn, AIF and the 2/14th BN AIF and the remarkable ‘fuzzy wuzzys’ but also told the terrible story of the privations and anguish of the Japanese soldiers. They suffered dreadfully on their crazy push on Moresby. Their supply chain didn’t exist and as a consequence, they were starving and resorted to cannibalism. Before we condemn them for this atrocity we have to consider what we would do in similar circumstances. After all, they were all humans doing the bidding of their respective governments. We sometime lose sight of this fact when criticizing our current soldiery. The new movie ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ is a remarkable story of a conscientious objector who ‘did his bit’ in WW2 without a weapon. He was a medic who bravely rescued many men and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour. What a man!

A notable inclusion in this catalogue is the Ion Idriess bibliography (197/283) produced recently by Paul Feain and Ellie Aroney of Sydney Rare Book Auctions. It is a high quality hard-back in dust wrapper full of colour plates. It is signed and numbered (#189 of 200). Unfortunately, I have only one copy left so its first in best dressed of course. The other standout is the authorised wartime history of the British SAS ‘SAS Rogue Heroes’ (197/151) by Ben Macintyre (Viking). Large hardback in dust wrapper. Got a few of these. In this month of remembrance, spare a thought for the great Truck Sams who is on his final ‘leg’ on his Great Ride Home fro Hanoi to Sydney. I think he was in Canberra yesterday for Remembrance Day and plans to be at the Opera House in Sydney on 20 Nov. And it’s all for awareness of PTSD. GO TRUCKER!!